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Tiffany Repoduction 26" Grape Trellis Lampshade Kit

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Tiffany Repoduction 26" Grape Trellis Lampshade Kit
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This beautiful project was featured in our catalogs from 1973 through 1978, but we had to withdraw it from sale because of the lack of a reliable supply of the glass required to build it. We now have ample glass of the right kind to enable you to embark upon and complete this impressive undertaking and create a creditable look-alike to the original, a Tiffany Studios production. We developed this project by studying the Tiffany Studios Grape Trellis Shade shown in eight-color process photography on page #254 of the book "The Lamps of Tiffany" by Dr. Egon Neustadt. The lampshade that was built from this set of drawings and instructions in 1973 is displayed in our building at the present time. It is 26 inches in diameter, and consists of more than 900 pieces of glass and took a craftsman more than 140 hours to build.


We achieved the authentic coloration by "plating" the glass, which means using two or more layers of glass to achieve the correct shade. The gradual lightening of the evening sky from the bottom of the shade to the top is done by using a pink opalescent over varying shades of purple or blue. The same method is used to depict varying ripeness in the grapes, and the ages of the leaves. In places where the vine or leaves cross over the trellis, the glass is raised to give a third dimension, which adds considerably to the authenticity of the depiction.


The patterns occupy several sheets of pattern paper, because all of the eight panels are different. Detailed instructions are given for constructing a cardboard form from materials not included in the package. The Reproduction Package does contain all of the materials which will actually make up the shade. These materials consist of uncut sheets of various glasses in quantities sufficient (including a generous allowance for waste) for an experienced craftsperson to cut all of the pieces required for the shade.

Our package also includes a deluxe hardware package for hanging and wiring the lamp. In addition, we furnish the copper foil and black patina required.