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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and so much more.
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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

Read about our stained glass classes

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GLASS and Stuff

It can be difficult to choose glass for your stained glass project. If you are a beginner, we recommend Spectrum Glass because it's the easiest to cut, in general. The surface is very smooth, and it's machine made so it has a very consistent quality and texture throughout. Wissmach glass is a bit harder to work with, but has a more "authentic" look to it. It is more of a handmade product, and they've been making glass this way since 1910. The Wissmach Glass website has some interesting history and photographs you might enjoy.

Youghiogheny Glass is the hardest to work with, but is the most beautiful, frankly. We use it in our Tiffany Reproduction lampshade kits. The Stipples are especially suited for lampshades and large windows, as they are perfect for flowers, skies and water.

We offer an extensive variety of art glass manufactured for the stained glass artist by Spectrum, Wissmach, Youghiogheny, and others.... read more

Glass remnants Glass remnants
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The most economical way to buy glass.
Glass Assortments Glass Assortments
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Several carefully chosen assortments to suit a variety of needs.
Spectrum - Cathedral Spectrum - Cathedral
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Smooth, Waterglass, Hammered, Seedy, Artique, Glue Chip
Wissmach - Cathedral Wissmach - Cathedral
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Available in several textures: Double Rolled, Flemish, Granite, Hammered, Moss, Seedy and Seville.
Spectrum - Opal Spectrum - Opal
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Opalescent solid opals, variegated, and Pearl Opals
Wissmach - Opal Wissmach - Opal
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Solid, dense, light, Wisspy and streaky.
Spectrum - Baroque (Reamy) Spectrum - Baroque (Reamy)
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Some are subtle, some are downright psychedelic.
Spectrum Wispy and Streaky Spectrum Wispy and Streaky
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This is basically cathedral glass - very transparent - with swaths of opal swirled into it.
Youghiogheny - Stipple Youghiogheny - Stipple
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Gorgeous stipple glass from Youghiogheny, ideal for Tiffany-style stained glass lampshades and windows.
Youghiogheny - High Strike Youghiogheny - High Strike
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Also called catspaw, this is very dense mottled opalescent.
Desag - Drawn Antique (GNA) Desag - Drawn Antique (GNA)
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A machine made, smooth surfaced glass in pastel shades which bears a resemblance to sheet antique glass, but which is priced much less.
Clear Textured Glass Clear Textured Glass
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Also called architectural glass, clear textured glass is ideal for transoms, sidelights, or anywhere that you want light to enter but still want a bit of privacy.
Iridescent glass Iridescent glass
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Iridescent opals and cathedrals.
Fracture/ Streamer Fracture/ Streamer
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From Uroboros Glass in Portland, Oregon.
Fusible Glass Fusible Glass
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These System 96 glass selections from Spectrum Glass are part of a tested-compatible family of glass having a COE (coefficient of expansion) of 96.
Glass for Mosaics Glass for Mosaics
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Assortments of scrap cathedral, opalescent and some antique glass in many colors.
Picture glass (8 x 10 x .079)

Picture glass (8 x 10 x .079)

Item no:
Don Mar Frame & Moulding item:
Picture glass (8 x 10 x .079)

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Retail price:$1.49/each

A thin clear glass used in picture framing work.

The sizes given are approximate. If you need glass cut to exact dimensions, please call us for a quote.

Mirror glass Mirror glass
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Silvered window glass 1/8" thick. Also, front surface mirror.