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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and so much more.
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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

Read about our stained glass classes

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Glass GRINDERS, Saws, and Stuff

This section of our site has equipment which makes any glass-working procedure easier, more efficient, quicker and almost fool-proof. If we were to rate the two most important devices based on payback of investment through time-saving and waste reduction, it would have to be the glass grinders and saws. Of course, any of the other pieces of equipment are designed to fill specific needs or requirements. Most working studios employ some version of most of these appliances. The kilns and the accessories for glass fusing open up an entirely new dimension of the craft.

Grinders & Accessories Grinders & Accessories
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Glass grinders and accessories are among the most useful tools for the serious stained glass hobbyist. With a glass grinder, you can grind away any ragged edges quickly and grind the pieces of glass into shapes which would be almost impossible to accomplish in any other manner.
Glass Saws and Accessories Glass Saws and Accessories
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Bandsaws, reciprocating saws and ring saws are all used to cut glass quickly into intricate shapes, virtually eliminating the need for grinding.
Came Saws Came Saws
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Small tabletop saws for cutting zinc and lead came.