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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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How to Do Stained Glass - Glass Cutting 103: Grozing and Grinding Glass

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is the term used to describe the nibbling action which is required, at times, to remove slight points and "flares" from the cut edge of the glass, which are normally produced when curved cuts are made. The tool which is used for this purpose is called a "grozing pliers" or sometimes simply a "grozer". It is a smallish pair of glass pliers on which the jaws are parallel when they are open about 1/8", so that they grasp the glass tightly along their entire jaw surface, thus ensuring a good grip. The tool is used in what is best described as a "chewing" action which removes small amounts of glass in flake or powder form. Breaker/grozier pliers are listed under Glass Pliers.
Glass Grinders
The electric glass grinder
The electric glass grinder
or router, is a very popular tool which was introduced by several manufacturers in the late 1970's. Any of these machines will rapidly remove excess material from a piece of glass to bring it into the required shape to match a pattern. Usually the glass is marked with a glass marking crayon to indicate the area to be removed. Using water as a coolant, the glass is held against the rotating grinding head or "bit" until the desired amount of glass has been removed. See Grinders & Accessories for a selection of grinders.

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