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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and so much more.
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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

Read about our stained glass classes

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JEWELRY Findings, BOX Parts, CLOCK Stuff and Crafty Things

Self-Adhesive Felt Sheets (12 in x 12 in)

Self-Adhesive Felt Sheets (12 in x 12 in)

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Retail price:$5.44/each
12 or more $4.90 (10% discount)
48 or more $4.35 (20% discount)

Premium quality green felt sheet coated with a permanent adhesive, a.k.a.Stik-ee-Felt. Full square foot, for cutting out custom shapes. Used in all sorts of craft work, but particularly useful for the stained glass craftsman. You can use it on the bottom of lamp bases, jewelry boxes, planters and things like that so they won't scratch the top of your grand piano. Size 12" x 12" per sheet.
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Curly Q's Curly Q's
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Hand-formed 14-gauge pretinned wire. Make snowflake ornaments, create frames for bevels or small panels, or upgrade your garter belt hooks.
Jewelry Findings Jewelry Findings
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The things in this section are mostly metal and glass components, which are incorporated into jewelry items. Findings are the structure upon which ornamentation is glued, soldered or fused. The ornamentation can be fused glass, gems, beads, insects, pebbles -- whatever items you deem "ornamental," and are lightweight enough to do the job. Findings include jump rings, ear wires, tie bars, and bails, to name a few.
Jewelry Box Accessories Jewelry Box Accessories
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Don't let anyone accuse you of having a drab jewelry box. Using some of our accoutrements, you can create stained glass boxes and things fit for even the most solemn of ceremonial occasions. Mr. R. G. "Tiger" Euphrates of Klamath Falls, Kansas writes: "This addition to your Gimcrack line has come along at just the right time to breathe life into an otherwise humdrum jewelry box season. Keep up the good work!" (Thank you, Tiger!)
Dragonfly and Poppy Filigrees Dragonfly and Poppy Filigrees
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Dragonfly wing filigree in two sizes, for use in lampshades, suncatchers, or your veryown creations. Also poppy filigree especially for Tiffany style lampshades.
Oak Frames and Boxes Oak Frames and Boxes
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Solid Oak frames for stained glass panels. After equipping one of these frames with hooks for hanging, you will be able to cause a mild sensation by displaying your favorite stained glass panel in front of a window or other light source.
Small Brass Rods and Tubes Small Brass Rods and Tubes
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You can use brass rods and tubing make hinges. One method employs two tubes of different diameters, the other uses a brass rod instead of the inner tubing. These rods and tubes have myriad other uses as well, limited only by your imagination.
Pressed Flowers Pressed Flowers
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Put one of these between two pieces of clear glass, or between a bevel and a piece of clear glass, wrap the resulting sandwich with copper foil or lead, and you will have a neat little piece of work. These are real flowers, not your imitation crepe paper and wire stuff. They were grown in the good old U.S. of A. and are 100 percent American. Each package contains from 3 to 8 flowers, depending upon their size.