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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Morton Specialty Tools and Accessories

Morton Glass Caddy (GC01)
Morton Glass Caddy (GC01)
Item no: 6772
Morton Glass Works item: GC01
Retail price: $16.93 /each
In stock:  2  (units: each)
Expected soon:20
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The Morton Glass Caddy (GC01) holds a lot of glass for its size. Holds usable scrap in full view so that you avoid the constant fumbling around which is apt to result in nicked knuckles and purple language. You can also use it to hold your long-playing vinyl record collection, in the event you still have a turntable upon which to play them. The base is molded black plastic and the divider rods are coated steel. Assembly required. 11" x 5" x 5".
Morton Strong Line (SL25) - 20 mil
Morton Strong Line (SL25) - 20 mil
Item no: 6775
Morton Glass Works item: SL25
Retail price: $7.48 /each
In stock:  12  (units: each)
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With the Morton Strong Line (SL25), a thin copper plated steel strip, you can strengthen your stained glass panel from the inside. Fits either copper foil or lead came work. Invisible in the finished work. 25 feet long, 0.020 inches thick, 0.114 inches wide.
Morton Twister (MT01)
Morton Twister (MT01)
Item no: 6754
Morton Glass Works item: MT01
Retail price: $5.70 /each
In stock:  9  (units: each)
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With the Morton Twister (MT01) you can twist copper wire and lead came to make decorative edge trim or jewelry accents with this handy device. Based on the principal of the old fashioned egg-beater. Swell for unsnarling nasal hair.
Morton Clean Cut (ZM01)
Morton Clean Cut (ZM01)
Item no: 6723
Morton Glass Works item: ZM01
Retail price: $15.75 /each
In stock:  Unknown  (units: each)
Expected soon:15
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The Morton Clean Cut (ZM01) is a combination vise and miter device designed specifically for helping you cut thin metals such as those used in the stained glass craft. It holds the zinc, lead or brass came secure for cutting without crushing them. It also provides saw guides for making 90-degree and 45-degree cuts.

The Clean Cut is designed to be used with a hack saw (purchased separately). It is very important that the blade have 32 teeth per inch. Because the metals are very thin, the fine tooth blade is necessary to prevent grabbing.
Morton Safety Break (SB01)
Morton Safety Break (SB01)
Item no: 8085
Morton Glass Works item: SB01
Retail price: $16.91 /each
In stock:  25  (units: each)
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The Morton Safety Break (SB01) is a system of plug-in features for the Mini or Maxi Surfaces. It is a two-part glass breaking method that allows starting the break anywhere along the score. This patented breaking idea controls how the glass is bent during the break. The Safety Break, completely redesigned, has a more powerful and easier-to-use Pressure Block. The newly designed Morton Runner improves the power and control of hand breaking. The increased control of the break helps reduce flaring. "Incredible" is one of the milder things being said about the Morton Runner.
Ms. Orlando "Noodgy" Canebrake
Ms. Orlando "Noodgy" Canebrake
of Hampton Beach, Okla. writes to ask "In your pamphlet GETTING STARTED IN STAINED GLASS you say that because of its molecular structure, glass is technically a frozen liquid, and the process of scoring and breaking it is akin to cutting ice. My hobby is ice sculpture. Do you think that #8085 Morton Safety Break could be used in forming intricate shapes in sheets of 1/4" thick ice? I should think that if a person worked wicked fast, she could create some spectacular results. I'm sure there must be a market (albeit a rather specialized one) for such a piece of art."
Morton Glass Shop Assembly Tray (PG05)
Morton Glass Shop Assembly Tray (PG05)
Item no: 8058
Morton Glass Works item: PG05
Retail price: $20.17 /each
In stock:  8  (units: each)
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The Morton Glass Shop Assembly Tray (PG-05) makes the assembly of geometric dimensional shapes easy. Triangles, squares and pentagons are easily assembled into jewelry boxes, lamps, paperweights and more. Instructions for eight exciting projects are included.

If you decide to experiment with the use of the Mini-Surface as a Bingo board, as did the folks in Hellespont, Miss., you will want to have a suitable container for your jelly beans. A decahedronal shape is perfect for a jelly bean dish, and you can make one quite easily on the Morton Glass Shop Assembly Tray. You might also want to make a matching octahedron-shaped ash tray.