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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and so much more.
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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

Read about our stained glass classes

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Among the most popular objects made of stained glass are stained glass lampshades. No other lampshades have the beauty and appearance of stained glass. They are ideal projects for the home craftsman. You will enjoy seeing your stained glass lampshade taking shape and becoming a valuable piece of hand crafted art.

The projects included in this section are meant to be built using the copper foil method of construction, so it would be of great help if, in addition to the common tools, you had the use of a glass grinder and a foil wrapper. The largest part of this section lists our own copyrighted Lampshade Construction System, which offers 172 different patterns, some of which are adaptations from original Tiffany Studio Lampshades. See the lamp hardware section on this site for electrical hardware and lamp bases.

Whittemore-Durgin Lampshade Construction System Whittemore-Durgin Lampshade Construction System
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Our very own, proven method of lampshade construction, based on 5 different styrene forms, which you can use to create over 125 different different lampshades.
Advanced Lampshade Projects Advanced Lampshade Projects
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Meticulously designed Tiffany reproduction patterns, with optional glass packages of high quality mottled and stippled reproduction glass. Detailed and challenging, these projects are not for the novice or faint of heart.
Bradley Base Products Bradley Base Products
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These illuminated lamp bases, sconces, torchieres and lampshades are among the most beautiful patterns you will find. Most are based on a single, reusable polystyrene form.
Lamp Bases, Hardware and Electrical Parts Lamp Bases, Hardware and Electrical Parts
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Sockets, plugs, nipples, pipes, wires, nuts, cast metal lamp bases, pull chains, switches, and so on.
Bent Lampshade Panels Bent Lampshade Panels
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Details about our program for repairing bent panel lampshades, also called slag lamps.
Beaded Fringe Beaded Fringe
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For repairing those old fringed lampshades which have become damaged by time, or moths, or both.
Cheryl Lamp Shade Positioner

Cheryl Lamp Shade Positioner

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This is a gadget for holding a lamp shade form so you can work on the lamp shade from all angles. To be completely honest, we don't know exactly how this it works, but we know some of you want one, so here it is. Supports shade up to 20" (508mm) in diameter. Base measures: 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm).
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