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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Christmas Stained Glass Music Box Kits

For the more ambitious among you, here are some music box kits. For all of the kits except the sleigh, the entire contraption spins slowly while a music box movement plays an appropriate melody. The kits contain all the glass, wire and other accoutrements you will need, as well as the music box movement. You supply the foil, solder, and skill.

W-D Stained Glass Toy Soldier Music Box Kit
W-D Stained Glass Toy Soldier Music Box Kit
Item no: 0486
Whittemore-Durgin item: 0486
Retail price: $32.78
3 or more $29.50 (10% discount)
6 or more $26.22 (20% discount)
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This Whittemore-Durgin stained glass music box kit consists of a pattern, instructions, a music box movement, a turntable, mirror, and plenty of glass for you to complete the project. Copper foil and solder are not included. Also, for this project you will need a not-so-strong flux that is safe to use with mirrors, and some Super-Glue type of glue.

Our little soldier, who goes by the name Trevor, stand perpetually at attention, even while his mirrored platform rotates slowly to the tune of "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers". The melody, while not originally a Christmas song, has come to be associated with the holiday, as it tells a charming story of little wooden soldiers in the toy shop coming to life at the stroke of midnight.

We have two versions of the music box movement: the regular one (listen to it here), and a "tick-tock" version that emits a slight ticking sound in time with the music (listen to it here). We will by default include the regular one, but if you put "tick tock" in the Comment field when placing your order, we will instead include the "tick-tock" version.

W-D Stained Glass Carollers Music Box Kit
W-D Stained Glass Carollers Music Box Kit
Item no: 0427
Whittemore-Durgin item: 0427
Retail price: $19.65
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Perched atop a rotating music box, our 2-1/2" high musicians are capable of belting out your choice of several different Christmas carols (found here). You can decide which one, or better yet, build a dozen different ones. (Yes, that's much better.) Just let us know which music box you'd like using the Comment field when checking out. If you do not select a tune, we'll select a nice one on your behalf.

You can customize these little people by using Whittemore-Durgin sticky heads, or leave them incognito. The choice is yours.

This kit includes glass for the cloud, the box, the wings, as well as the heads and hands of the angels. You supply the scrap glass for the gowns of the angels, or may choose to use leftover white opal from the glass provided, if you wish.
W-D Stained Glass Christmas Tree Music Box Kit
W-D Stained Glass Christmas Tree Music Box Kit
Item no: 0435
Whittemore-Durgin item: 0435
Retail price: $21.35
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Our Christmas tree is 7" high and sits on a 6" diameter platform which slowly turns, while the music box movement beneath it plays "O Tannenbaum". This simple little project would make an interesting centerpiece for the Christmas table.

The dark green glass is set off nicely by the inedible ruby nuggets which are used to depict the Christmas tree ornaments.
W-D Stained Glass Sleigh Music Box Kit
W-D Stained Glass Sleigh Music Box Kit
Item no: 0436
Whittemore-Durgin item: 0436
Retail price: $31.31
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This was not originally a music box project, but it had an Extreme Makeover recently and ended up as one. Appropriately, it plays "Jingle Bells," which, incidentally, was written about the sleigh rides that ran through Medford Square in Medford, Mass., as was "Over the River and Through the Woods." But we digress.

Dobbins, the official horse who has been assigned to this project is on sabbatical leave, attending an Arabian horse seminar in Kuwait entitled "The Primal Whinny". We tried to find another plug with experience in One-Horse Open Sleighing, but the agency sent us a long parade of oat-burners which were a short step ahead of the glue factory, so we finally threw in the sponge. You will have to imagine a stained glass horse in this scene.

This music box project is a simple one as far as the glass part of it goes, but the wire work can be a litle complicated. The assorted packages you see in the photograph are our version of what might look appropriate. They are not included in the plans or the package of material. They are a great way to use up all of those little scraps of Christmas wrapping paper that you hate to throw out, but for which you can never find a use.