Whittemore-Durgin Stained Glass Supplies
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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and so much more.
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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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About Our Glass

We offer an extensive variety of art glass manufactured for the stained glass artist by Spectrum, Wissmach and Youghiogheny. We also carry select art glass by Uroboros, Desag, Pilkington, and others. If you visit our store and browse around for a while, you will also find some very old and unusual glass that we suspect you won't find anywhere else: from Blenko, Scott Glass, Advance Glass, and a small German company whose name we cannot spell.

This glass is offered in rectangular pieces, typically in pieces weighing one pound (about 8"x12") or two pounds (about 12"x16"). All of our glass is also available in full sheets. Spectrum Glass sheets are typically 24" x 48", Wissmach Glass sheets are typically 32" x 42", and Youghiogheny sheets are about 24" x 36". All of these glasses are available at our warehouse in Rockland, Mass., for pickup. We welcome your inquiries. We can also ship this glass by common carrier.

Stained Glass Rectifier
Stained Glass Rectifier
This is the only machine of its kind, having been developed by the famous German mechanical wizard Klaus Reinhardt and his nephew Sammy. We have the prototype, and control all of the six patents that cover the unique functions of its workings.

After the glass is manufactured and cut to the sizes required for shipping, this device removes all contaminants, such as pollen, sulpher dioxide, Freon, particulates, carbon dioxide and lint.

Here is a general view of the factory of one of our glass suppliers, pictured before the Environmental Protection Agency was created.

Now, only the purest sand and dirt goes into the manufacture of the glass at this factory.

As a matter of fact, a Club Med was recently opened next door.
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