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60/40 Solder

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60/40 Solder
Item no: 7800
Victory White Metal
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Excellent quality solder specifically made for the stained glass craft by an industry leader, Victory White Metal.

Our customers rave about this solder. Seriously.

More than you need to know about solder:

Solder is an alloy of tin and lead. The melting point of solder depends upon the percent of the two metals used. By far the most popular solder for use in stained glass is called 60/40 solid core solder. Tin melts at 450 degrees F, and lead melts at 621 degrees F. When the two are combined however, the melting point can be as low as 361 degrees F. The following illustrates the melting points of the various alloys.


0% TIN 100% LEAD -- 621 Degrees F MELTING POINT
10% TIN 90% LEAD -- 572 Degrees F MELTING POINT
30% TIN 70% LEAD -- 496 Degrees F MELTING POINT
40% TIN 60% LEAD -- 460 Degrees F MELTING POINT
50% TIN 50% LEAD -- 421 Degrees F MELTING POINT
60% TIN 40% LEAD -- 375 Degrees F MELTING POINT
63% TIN 37% LEAD -- 361* Degrees F MELTING POINT
*Lowest possible melting point of the alloy.

"OK, so what's your point?" we hear you grumble.

The point is this: as the amount of tin is increased and the lead reduced from the 63/37 combination, the melting point begins to increase again until, at 100% tin, the melting point reaches 450 degrees F. It is understandable that if you are attempting to solder two pieces of lead together whose melting point is 621 degrees F, you will want to use solder with as low a melting point as possible.

Our 60/40 solder is available in 1/8" wire form on a 1 pound spool. Click on "Chemicals and Notions" for fluxes and chemicals for use on lead and solder.