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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Gresham's Dog License Tags

Gresham's Dog License Tags
Item no: 2595
item: 2595
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Everybody knows Gresham's Law, which is the tendency, when two or more coins are equal in debt-paying power, but unequal in intrinsic value, toward hoarding the more valuable, thus leaving the less valuable in circulation. (That is why we have devoted this space to explaining it.) These brass dog license tags are of much higher intrinsic value than today's dog license tags. They are from the 1940-1948 period, and were issued by Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

Evidently the dogs of Bedford were a sly lot, and put these licenses away, hoping to drive the dog officer to distraction by upsetting the economic balance of his domain. Apparently the dogs later had a falling out because we recently acquired these tags from a pawnshop in Delaware.

They say "Bedford, Pa.", plus a number, and leave room for a suitable romantic message, such as "For a Good Dog", or just plain "Arf". Give one to a person who might wear it on a charm bracelet or on a chain around the neck. Or buy two to make into earrings for your Sunday School Teacher.

Limit 6 per customer. If we don't limit how many you buy, we'll run out very soon.