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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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25-Pound Mosaic Makers' Special

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25-Pound Mosaic Makers' Special
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Item no: 8901
Retail price: $31.95
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In response to lots of requests (well, actually they were complaints) that it would be nice if folks could buy a small amount of scrap glass, rather than the 200 pound lot (item #1906), we have put together this offer.

This is an ideally economical mixture for Gluing-Type People, as well as Stepping Stone People. Using our #7356 Transparent Cement, for instance, you can glue these pieces to the underside of clear glass to make an interesting coffee table top. Some customers glue the pieces to the outside of bottles, candle chimneys, aquariums and old school chums. Once you get started, it's hard to stop. Especially with old school chums.

Other folks wrap the pieces in foil, solder them together, just touching at points, and frame the whole assembly with a 12" piece of our #7146 brass rod bent into a 3-3/4" diameter circle. For larger circles, solder two or more rods together.

Of course, the stepping stone contingent can make good use of these smaller assortments to sharpen their skills before investing in the grandiose assortment #1906.