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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and so much more.
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Read about our stained glass classes 
Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

Read about our stained glass classes

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Etching or engraving of glass requires no special skills such as glass cutting and soldering. With the purchase of a kit, you can begin right away to decorate any kind of glassware you wish. Mirrors, drinking glasses, windows, vases, tiles, and any clear glass objects lend themselves to acid etching. The stencils we sell can also be used to decorate with paint on fabric, wood, plastic, or ceramics. You may also want to design and create your own stencils using contact paper obtainable at any hardware store.

The Potential for engraving is unlimited, and once you have seen the #2723 Glass Engraving Course and Pattern Book you will see just why this medium has become so popular.

Etching Cream and Kits Etching Cream and Kits
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Armour Etching Cream, in two different sized bottles, or as part of a deluxe kit. Fun stuff.
Armour Rub 'N' Etch Stencils Armour Rub 'N' Etch Stencils
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These delicate stencils are already cut and can be "rubbed onto" the glass. After etching, they are easily removed (Not reusable). Each sheet is 5" x 8" and contains an average of 6 subjects. They are packaged to include a wooden burnisher and complete instructions.
Armour Peel 'N' Etch Stencils Armour Peel 'N' Etch Stencils
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These pre-cut adhesive backed vinyl stencils are perfect for mirror decorating, door glass accents and wood carvings. Designed for chemical etching, mirror removing, sandblasting, painting and staining of glass, mirror, tile, metal, granite and other non-porous surfaces. Each stencil includes complete photo illustrated instructions for a variety of applications. Not reusable. Use them with #7319 Etching Cream on almost any non-porous surface. Most are approximately 6" or 7" square.
Glass Engraving Stuff Glass Engraving Stuff
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You can learn this technique very easily, and begin right away to create beautiful engraved pieces which are certain to be treasured as heirlooms for years to come.

This is a craft easily mastered by anyone, regardless of age. Only a few tools are required, and acceptable glass can be purchased anywhere in any desired shape. It is easy to learn how to engrave in glass, and you will quickly feel a sense of accomplishment.

There is hardly a more beautiful or personal present than a glass engraved with someone's initials, or a few words about a day which should be remembered.
Sandblast Resist Sandblast Resist
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This Sandblast Resist from the folks at Venture Tape is strong, conformable vinyl graphics masking tape suitable as a sandblasting or etching mask. The 4 mil is best for chemical etching; for sandblasting you should use the stronger 8 mil.

It is coated with a specially formulated removable acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Specifically designed to be blade cut by hand or plotter, it applies easily and removes cleanly with no adhesive transfer or residue.
Christmas and Winter Etching Stencils Christmas and Winter Etching Stencils
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Etching with these Armour Etch products could not be easier. Decorate glassware, mirrors and other glass items with these lovely stencils and a bottle of Armour Etch etching cream.