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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Glass Jewels

Glass Jewels During the Victorian era, stained glass artisans often included glass "jewels" in the windows they created for their wealthy patrons. These craftsmen used the jewels to create a frame to encircle important parts of the design, or studded the repetitious border with jewels, alternating them with plain strips of colored glass. They might also use these jewels to depict the centers of flowers, or to emphasize important centers of interest.

Later, the glass jewels took on an important function when the style for jewels in ornate jewel boxes and cigarette boxes became important. They were use to depict butterfly bodies, flower centers, grapes, and crowd scenes in bull-fights. In hanging window ornaments they soon became important for owls' eyes, wombat ears, large caviar, and similar things.

Jewels are now in great demand for jewelry work, such as ear rings, pendants, fusing projects and the like.

Our offering covers almost the entire gamut of possibilities, and we solicit your interest in obtaining some of these jewels for your next project.

2-1/2" Triangle Jewels from Nervo 2-1/2" Triangle Jewels from Nervo
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More leftover jewels from the Nervo factory, still in their original boxes. (You might actually receive the white box with the Nervo logo on it if you order about 10 of these). Commonly used in the border of a window. They measure 2-1/2" on each side. A ridge starts at each corner and the three ridges meet in the center of the jewel, like a shallow three-sided pyramid. The jewel's thickness at the center is about 1/2". The edges are 1/8" thick, so they take copper foil quite well. The surface of the triangle jewel is covered by a raised irregular design resembling small vines. The blue is slightly translucent, where the green is a solid green opalescent.
40mm and 35mm Round Variegated Opal Glass Cabachons 40mm and 35mm Round Variegated Opal Glass Cabachons
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These jewels have "West Germany" printed on their wrappers, and have been sitting on our shelves since back when the Berlin Wall was new. We have a limited number on hand, so when they're gone, they're really gone.
Moonface Jewels Moonface Jewels
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A moonface jewel just might be that accent you've been looking for. Perhaps it will inspire you to create a new work of art, full of celestial influences. You Nervous Nellies out there might even want to carry one of these smooth, iridescent glass beauties around in your pocket like a worry stone.
Approximately 1-1/2" in diameter.
Fancy Victorian-Style Jewels Fancy Victorian-Style Jewels
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Crystal clear jewels to add sparkle, elegance and romance to your stained glass windows, panels, lampshades, jewelry boxes and the like. Heck, you could even stick one on the end of your flashlight and your next power outage will not seem so interminably long.

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Round Faceted Glass Jewels Round Faceted Glass Jewels
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The illustration is a sample of round cuts in various colors and sizes.

These clear glass faceted stones, called "round cuts" have 17 facets, regardless of size. The stones have been cast, and then polished by tumbling in a slurry of fine carborundum, so that they are polished to a mirror-like finish. The edges are tapered to about 1/16" so that they can be wrapped in copper foil or in lead came.
Smooth, Round Glass Jewels (Cabochons) Smooth, Round Glass Jewels (Cabochons)
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Unfaceted jewels are called cabochons, (or "cabs" by the insiders), from the French en cabochon, not faceted.

Cabochons are a lower key ornamental component which intrude less in the overall design. Most of the various versions of the famous Tiffany Studios Dragonfly lamp shades use cabochons to depict the eyes of the dragonfly, as well as other features.
Genuine German Clear Glass Polished Jewel Stones Genuine German Clear Glass Polished Jewel Stones
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These polished glass jewels are top quality German products which are cast and then tumbled to produce a perfect finish. They are suitable for use in jewelry work. One of their uses is in the lampshades of the Tiffany Dragonfly Series, and in other applications calling for elongated shapes, such as in floral or geometric designs. Here is an example of one Dragonfly Shade, in which many sizes and shapes of oval glass jewels are used.
Elongated Oval Glass Jewels Elongated Oval Glass Jewels
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Elongated oval smooth glass jewels, not polished, 3" x 3/4" (76mm x 19mm). Limited supply. Originally distributed by Nervo, decades ago.
Closeout On Zodiac Glass Stones Closeout On Zodiac Glass Stones
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These Zodiac Signs on Opaque jet Black Glass are painted in gold pirontery. The stones are 30 x 40 mm, or roughly 1-1/8" x 1-1/2".
Carved Glass for Accents and Jewelry Findings Carved Glass for Accents and Jewelry Findings
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We have acquired these perfect quality Bavarian glass jewels, which were made for the stained glass industry. These are a rare and endangered species, because of the environmental laws which prevent many of the small Bavarian "cottage industries" from producing the jewels in the old way